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About Us

About us Shotnew

Our History:

We began our journey in 2017 as shotnew.com. Initially, we started blogging just for learning and exploring things about how the blogging thing works as i have seen a few blogs appeared at that time and we were there.

I still remember my first blog i have posted by copying some other blog and shared all over the Facebook and other social media platform. Unfortunately, i did not receive a response other than criticism.

Why we choose name as Shotnew:

Well, you know and must be aware of the fact that people are accessing the internet. I used to find almost everything on google related to how to, how to do, how to make, instructions etc. That was the simplest method we just had to type what we want to know and get information and knowledge. So, I thought of making blogs on almost everything like “how to…” to all users. We did share some topics till now without earning much from the blog.

Days pass and everything was going good but due to too many bloggers we didn’t get enough traffic. So, we are trying our best to keep things updated.

Future of Shotnew?

Well, we are here at shotnew.com and will always be here even if we stop getting page views. The blog has given us so much experience and i can renew the domain for more 10 years and so on.

Who am I?

My actual name is AKHIL, many of you must have known me via Facebook. I’m still completely anonymous and I always decide to be.

Thanks for your love and support. 🙂

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Shotnew.com is operated from Jammu and Kashmir, we provide “how to…” blogs since 2017 over this blog, we also share the latest topics which we found useful for us and for the audience.

Thank you so much for reading through.